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Identifying leverage points for transformative change within society in community

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The future isn’t set in stone; there are infinite possibilities ahead of us. In our mission to help others feel empowered in that knowledge, and inspired by Rob Hopkin’s brilliant book ‘What If?’, we began to share ‘What If’s?’ across our social channels. These questions may seem simple at first glance, yet they highlight transformative places to intervene within a system ~ they are seeds of new futures.


Our #ChooseTheFuture conversation series launched in April 2020, amidst increasing uncertainty, reflection, and questioning about the world we would want to return to. Over number of months, we connected with 28 multidisciplinary changemakers and visionaries, holding space for speculative, generative discussions to identify leverage points for transformative change within society.


Throughout the difficult months in lockdown, these 'What If?’s became an antidote to anxiety, sparking curiosity and acting as a portal for deeper discussion, philosophical speculation, and new ways of thinking.


We’ve had some of our richest conversations throughout this project, as we’ve explored everything including: What if every community shared a weekly potluck? What if each neighbourhood had intergenerational mentoring schemes based upon the needs of the community? What if media content had a legitimacy scale attached to it? What if the government funded homeless-run community centres?

Thank you to everyone who went there with us. 

Partners: Anna Murray (Patternity); Annie Clarke & Will Clempner (Can We Just Ask); Bella Webb; Cat Taylor; Daniel Edmund (Milk for Tea); Dian-Jen (Post Carbon Lab); Helen Job & Samantha Fox (TCO Lab); Isaias Hernandez (Queer Brown Vegan); James Fleury; Jason Rosario; Joanne Ooi; Joel Leon; Josie Tucker & Richard Ashton (Adapt); Katia Smirnova; Kristy Drutman (Brown Girl Green); Max Girardeau (The Visionaries); Maya Kalaria; Reza Cristian (Sustain the mag); Sabrina Grant; Sima (The Other Box); Shanu Walpita; Steve Smyth; Sushma Sagar (The Calmery); Tanisha Barrett; Xavier Arias.

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