We explore different ways of doing, being, and knowing, guided by the question ~

how can we collectively shape futures that nurture and celebrate wholeness, interdependence, care and joy? 


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the practice of plurality

remembering our regenerative nature

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we give life to ideas when we create new spaces for them, how can we evolve ideas together? we'd love to explore with you <3

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We research

We share ideas, practices + pedagogy for deep systemic change, from Self through to Systems. Read ‘why we need to decolonise + democratise our imaginations’.

We facilitate

We hold space for communities, practitioners, organisations, students + more to collectively unravel, dream, + rebuild. Recent facilitation includes expanding London College of Fashion students’ practices through unravelling the myth of universalism and honouring anti-colonial forms of knowing.

We organise

We work strategically with organisations, communities + ecosystems, weaving the dream + dark matter to address lock-ins and shift society towards more equitable futures. Examples include working with an education coalition of 100+ organisations to reimagine the UK education system.

We create

We transfer the depth of systems change into creative projects, celebrating a plurality of voices and ideas. In 2020, we launched WHAT IF?, a project to reimagine futures + explore seeds of possibility with a community of interdisciplinary collaborators.

Conspire, collaborate, and create with us.