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And Beyond was born in 2019 by Will Bull & Amy Foster-Taylor with an initial mission of creating a ‘conscious, connected world’ through research and practice in value alignment. It has since become the home of deep and expansive enquiries into the pervasive manifestations of colonial modernity, the interiority of the collective imagination {how systems and structures are formed and upheld ~ society is an artwork of the collective imagination}, the implications on our personal and collective psyche, and the undemocratic nature of futures and world shaping. 

Through creative projects, enquiries, and collaborations with communities, organisations, and universities, And Beyond has explored how we can move beyond our ontological rigidity, our narrow lens of sight and feeling, and tend to conditions and practices that allow us to expand our sense of what is and what could be, when our ability to soften, feel, and hear, is impacted by systemic and structural conditions. 

This work honours and expands that of many others, human and non human, across time and space, and has been featured in Vogue Business, Aeffect Journal, Fashion Revolution, Spirit of Design podcast, amongst others.

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Artwork- Mati Klarwein, 1961

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