Navigating uncertainty and reconnecting with purpose while WFH

APRIL 2020 - 




For a long time, the 2020s have been heralded as the decisive decade, our greatest (and last) opportunity to reverse centuries of social and environmental destruction and create a future where we can all thrive. While we have understood that this requires businesses to rethink their current models, conversations about ‘the world we want to return to’ were fast-tracked into business consciousness by the COVID-19 pandemic.


With racism and climate change also at the forefront of people’s minds, emotions have been understandably high. It was—and is—important to provide an opportunity for people to channel their emotions constructively; to understand the interconnected nature of our challenges and show them how to drive positive change within their own roles. 


We designed a 3-part conversation series, delivered virtually, to reconnect people with purpose, providing the tools and frameworks to remain active, innovative, and hopeful in the middle of an unsettling time. The series covers three key areas: 


_the why > Before we create change, we need to fully understand the problems we face. This goes beyond a surface level understanding and explores the root causes and our role within them. _the why is about stripping back our thought processes and questioning assumptions in order to reconnect with purpose.


_the where > Often we’re quick to jump into solutions without knowing where we’re heading. _the where is about letting go and harnessing imagination to design futures with intentionality. When we collectively identify goals, we create inclusive futures that are more exciting and resilient by nature.


_the how > How can we create the most impactful change? Where is the most effective place to start? How do we sustain the transition? _the how is about grounding our knowledge, purpose, and goals within the now; exploring our complex systems and re-writing the rules to create positive impact.