NOV 2019 - 




We believe in second-order change; change that challenges and transforms norms and underlying value systems. Second-order change is considered far more difficult than incremental, first-order change. Yet there’s a fundamental piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked. While second-order change may sound daunting and uncertain, it must begin with reconnecting back to ourselves and each other; an act that seems radical in its simplicity, yet is difficult in our current reality.


Our prior research has highlighted value misalignment in the workplace, where personal values are rarely engaged. This is problematic as the role of businesses in driving change is fundamental, but this opportunity is stunted if our capacity to be full, creative, autonomous human-beings is not always possible by the businesses’ very design.


Our work focused largely on processes, as we asked: How can the way we work accelerate change? And, how can we create the conditions for personal values (notably, intrinsic values) to come alive? 


We designed a 2-hour workshop format that explored different workplace processes, and worked with businesses in various industries, from insurance to fashion, highlighting the same answer: we must work in highly collaborative, non-hierarchical and cross-functional ways, creating spaces for vulnerability, reflection, creativity, imagination, and autonomy. Through these working conditions, individuals are able to collaboratively unlock and implement critical solutions to complex problems in an agile and thorough manner, all the while improving their own wellbeing.


Our workshops utilised our VALUES | VISION | ACTION framework, enabling businesses to: explore issues in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and build a strong foundation; collectively reimagine their roles, business, and industry through guided meditation and a values-lens; speculate solutions and the necessary trajectory towards their desired reality; identify the best, most effective places to action change.

Designing business for a values-led world