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How can we lean into our edges, into the stickiness, in order to get unstuck? How deep do we need to unravel to create the change we need to see and feel? How can we collectively feel into this discomfort, to emerge into more beautiful possibilities? 

We think that times of urgency require quick solutions. Yet this is a time to slow down, to enter into the cracks, to listen, to become undone, intimate with life, and to dance with possibility.

And Beyond will soon be holding a regular space for conversation, communal sense-making, unravelling, and sanctuary; a playground for collective dreaming. This is a space that sits above the paradigms, that sits with the unknown, the immensity, that plays and explores; while interrogating and questioning the forces that have shaped, and continue to shape, an oppressive collective imagination.

Together we will deepen into presence and expand our awareness of reality; a mutual slowing, softening into the richness and possibility present around us; learning to listen and trust ways of knowing that have long been neglected, and to move with reality in its multi-dimensionality. Here, we cultivate our capacity to dream in service of collective liberation.

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