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Strategic design partners
in service of collective liberation.

How do we design emergence into the infrastructure of society? How do we plants seeds of collective liberation through our programmes, policies, and processes?


What conversations are we not having? What questions are we not asking? Whose voices (human and non) need to be centred? What can we learn when we listen?

How do we do this work together?

As designers, researchers, and facilitators, we help you to explore these questions, building bridges to regenerative, equitable and just futures. The process differs depending on your context, community, needs, and aims. 


This could be:

  • social change strategy development

  • policy and framework design

  • learning design and programme delivery

  • workshop and event facilitation

  • relationship/community building

  • communications strategy development

This work is rooted in embodied and revolutionary practices of reclamation and becoming, drawing on and expanding anti-colonial and emergent theory, methodology, and pedagogy, and honouring the thinkers and practitioners whose shoulders this work stands upon. 

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